Anavilhanas Jungle Lodge Amazonas – An Unforgettable Experience

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Today we are talking about Anavilhanas Jungle Lodge Amazonas. The lodge combines nature and comfort in an elegant manner, providing 16 cottages and 4 bungalows that offer spectacular rainforest views.

Begin your days exploring the jungle and learning more about your environment. Swim alongside pink river dolphins, enjoy recreational piranha fishing or go caiman spotting at night!

Anavilhanas Jungle Lodge Amazonas


Anavilhanas Jungle Lodge Amazonas strikes an exquisite balance between nature and comfort in the Amazon rainforest just three hours from Manaus. During their stay guests are housed in simple yet comfortable standard and superior bungalows featuring all modern amenities one might require, and can enjoy guided excursions into one of Earth’s most biodiverse regions during their day stay before indulging in some delicious Amazonian or international cuisine at the Lodge for dinner!

On arriving at Anavilhanas Jungle Lodge Amazonas, visitors immediately notice its natural beauty. Visitors can explore the mainland forest by foot or take a relaxing canoe ride down either Igapos or Igarapes Rivers. Local instructors show tourists how to use bow and arrow, providing insight into its construction as well as providing instruction in how to handle and practice archery.

On their last morning at the lodge, visitors can explore the dryland forest once more or simply unwind in hammocks on the jetty. When evening approaches they can visit one of the world’s largest river archipelagos in search of caimans or explore one of its numerous canals, lakes and islands in search of Pink Dolphins.

Who Visits anavilhanas Jungle Lodge Amazonas?

At Anavilhanas National Park on the banks of Rio Negro (Black River), 180km south-east of Manaus, lies this lodge which offers an exceptional blend of Nature and comfort. Boasting 20 exclusive suites arranged as cottages or bungalows designed with regional architecture that create cozy homey ambiences, this hotel is designed for guests seeking both natural beauty and convenience.

Rooms at Anavilhanas Resort come equipped with air conditioning, private safe, minibar, hairdryer and hot showers. For dining guests can enjoy delicious Amazonian dishes prepared by a European chef as well as delectable international fare on our delicious European chef-designed menu. Activities available to guests at Anavilhanas include canoeing on Igapos and Igarapes rivers, fishing for Piranhas on Anavilhanas archipelago and watching pink dolphins swim in Novo Airao as well as exploring Amazon nighttime guided expeditions that introduce them to local riverside communities to learn their lifestyle and traditions!

Anavilhanas Jungle Lodge Amazonas strongly encourages visitors to arrive with an open mind and an appreciation of a completely different reality; this region can often surprise people. The best way to experience the rainforest is with local guides who are able to share their expertise and enable visitors to fully appreciate its beauty. Furthermore, tourists should recognize that Amazon is an ecological system requiring special care.

Some Reasons to Visit anavilhanas jungle lodge amazonas

Anavilhanas Jungle Lodge offers visitors looking to escape into nature without venturing too far from their comfort zones an excellent experience. Situated near Rio Negro and featuring mosquito-free regions, Anavilhanas provides visitors with a comprehensive introduction to life in the Amazon region.

The lodge features 16 standard cottages and 4 bungalows designed to blend into their surroundings, providing a cozy base from which you can explore the rainforest. Each room includes air conditioning for tropical heat control, large beds for restful restful sleep and private bathrooms with hot showers. – for an upgraded experience, choose Panoramic Bungalows which feature an expansive deck complete with hammocks for stunning rainforest views!

Visitors have the chance to learn about indigenous culture, the natural world, and biodiversity thanks to the local guides who lead all of the activities. Visitors can hike through the forest, search for pink and grey dolphins or try fishing for piranhas with one of these guides – with an option to sleep out under the stars on an unforgettable Amazon sunset cruise experience!

Anavilhanas offers various relaxing activities to take a break from the jungle, including swimming in its tranquil lake, massages and reading in its library. If photography is your passion, the hotel’s photographers can also capture memorable images of your stay in the Amazon jungle.


This lodge provides an exceptional blend of Amazon rainforest beauty and all the comforts of an international class hotel, where guests can spend their days taking part in thrilling guided adventures while relaxing in luxurious suites at night.

The Lodge features 16 Standard Cottages, 4 Superior Bungalows and 2 Panoramic Bungalows all offering spectacular surrounding views. Each room comes fully equipped with air-conditioning, minibar, private safes as well as comfortable beds and hot showers as well as huge glass windows to admire your surroundings. Plus the rooms come complete with large sofas and hammocks to lounge around on during those relaxing afternoons in the sun!

For an unforgettable luxurious experience, reserve one of the larger Panoramic Bungalows with spacious terraces that look out onto the jungle. These bungalows provide the ideal place to watch as nature unfolds its full beauty before your very eyes! Sip on an evening Caipirinha while watching it come alive before bedtime!

The Anavilhanas Jungle Lodge is situated near Novo Airao and 180 kilometers from Manaus on Rio Negro (Black River). Guests may reach this lodge either via ground shuttle (10 seat vans from Manaus) or scenic seaplane transfer over Anavilhanas Archipelago; staff can arrange either option.


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