Andrew Ridgeley Net Worth – A Comprehensive Guide

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Andrew Ridgeley Net Worth first made waves with Wham! as part of its iconic 1980s duo alongside George Michael. Their catchy pop songs quickly gained international popularity.

He made his fortune through Wham!’s success and royalties from their songs; additionally he co-wrote several hit tunes including “Careless Whisper”, which still yields him royalties today.

Andrew Ridgeley Net Worth


Andrew Ridgeley has amassed considerable wealth as one half of Wham!. He is responsible for penning multiple songs for their hit single “Careless Whisper”, earning royalties that total thousands every year. Additionally, Ridgeley has dabbled in Formula Three racing as well as solo music pursuits.

Although Andrew Ridgeley was never able to match the success of Wham!, he still managed to build an impressive net worth through his music career and charitable pursuits such as participating in the Dallaglio Cycle Slam cycling challenge for young people struggling with life challenges. On top of all his charitable endeavors, Ridgeley can also be found active online where he shares his views about music and current affairs – for more information visit his website today – happy reading!

What is Andrew Ridgeley Net Worth?

Andrew Ridgeley Net Worth made waves as part of the 1980s pop group Wham!, alongside George Michael. Together, the duo topped charts globally and sold over 35 million albums worldwide. Following Wham!’s dissolution, Ridgeley pursued acting and Formula Three racing – neither were particularly fruitful endeavors – though his music career remained lucrative; today, his estimated worth is around $40 Million.

Ridgeley amassed his fortune through royalties from his band’s popular songs such as Club Tropicana and Careless Whisper, for which he received co-writing credit. Furthermore, in addition to musical success he has written several books and made public appearances.

Today, Ridgeley lives a peaceful life in Cornwall with Keren Woodward from Bananarama. He enjoys surfing and motor racing but does not seek the limelight. However, despite remaining low-profile on social media he maintains an active presence sharing photos with his friends as well as advocating on his behalf to uphold George Michael’s legacy.

Is Andrew Ridgeley Net Worth the Investment?

Andrew Ridgeley has amassed an impressive net worth over time due to his success as one half of Wham! and other ventures. His income now comes primarily from royalties from hit songs, plus various projects and appearances.

Some of their most acclaimed hits, such as “Careless Whisper” and “Last Christmas,” remain immensely popular today, leading to significant sales and streaming activity spikes. While Ridgeley’s solo music career didn’t experience quite the same level of success, he nevertheless amassed a considerable fortune over time.

Different estimates and calculations put Ridgeley’s net worth between $10-20 Million, although these estimates should be taken with caution due to factors like taxes, expenses and investments. No matter the exact figure is it clear that Ridgeley has amassed an immense fortune through the years, making his mark as an icon. His story serves as an inspiring lesson in musical success coupled with financial acumen for budding artists everywhere.

10 Ideas to Grow Andrew Ridgeley Net Worth

George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley’s musical duo enjoyed immense success during the 80s – one that neither likely could have anticipated. Although only together for four years, their impactful music left an undeniable mark on pop music history; George Michael later becoming a solo superstar while Ridgeley continued active within the industry and amassed significant wealth.

He currently derives most of his wealth from selling albums and royalties from Wham! hits like “Fantastic,” “Careless Whisper,” and others. Additionally, he enjoys racing cars and owning restaurants; in addition to charitable initiatives such as hosting an annual charity bike ride to benefit Dallaglio Rugby Works program.

Ridgeley seems content to lead a relatively private life despite his wealth. He enjoys an ongoing romance with Keren Woodward of Bananarama fame; and has long had an interest in music through their relationship. Ridgeley’s multicultural roots (his mother was Scottish while his father had Italian and Egyptian heritage) give him an unusual outlook on life that shows in his music as well as personal pursuits.


Andrew Ridgeley continues to profit from Wham! royalties even though his solo music career has come and gone. Their most beloved hits such as “Careless Whisper” remain top hits on charts worldwide while simultaneously generating streaming revenues; furthermore, Ridgeley co-wrote many of their popular tunes which continue to produce royalties for him as an author.

Singer, guitarist, and songwriter Ridgeley has amassed an estimated net worth of $40 Million thanks to his incredible financial success thanks to music. Additionally to his impressive music career success, Ridgeley has successfully diversified his investments and business interests.

Ridgeley no longer actively performs in the music industry; however, he often reunites with former bandmates at special events in order to relive past memories with fans. Ridgeley remains an ardent supporter of George Michael and continues their close friendship even after Michael passed away. Additionally, he attempted acting and Formula 3 racing (both were unsuccessful endeavors). Now living in Cornwall with partner Keren Woodward from girl group Bananarama;

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