The Beauty of Madame Alexander Dolls: A Guide

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Madame Alexander dolls have been inspiring children for nearly 100 years. Madame Alexander believed that doll play could help children develop compassion, empathy and meaningful relationships.

These dolls often depict diverse character themes from across cultures, stories, and movies – such as this vintage Madame Alexander JO doll which was inspired by Little Women novel.

Madame Alexander dolls


Madame Alexander’s doll collection has delighted collectors for over one century. Drawing its inspiration from different places in history, culture, cinema and literature – these exquisite figurines represent our world with stunning artwork featuring charming characters that appeal to collectors as well as children alike.

Madame Beatrice Alexander Behrman founded her company with the goal of producing playable, loving dolls for children to play with without breaking like porcelain ones. A true American original and pioneer in a male-dominated business world, Madame Behrman believed dolls have the power to foster compassion and empathy among children.

Four years before Mattel’s famous Barbie was unveiled to the world, Madame Alexander revolutionized American fashion doll culture through her Cissy doll collection. Today, these well-preserved dolls can fetch thousands of dollars; for example, this 1951 Antoinette doll sold recently at Theriault’s auction for $255,000!

Madame Alexander has managed to remain relevant for nearly 100 years despite toy trends shifting quickly and overnight sensations being quickly forgotten about. Their success lies in adapting their offerings accordingly as children’s lifestyles change with each generation; products such as cloth Alice in Wonderland doll, Jackie Kennedy dolls, classic Wendy collectibles and the groundbreaking Cissy fashion doll have all been introduced while maintaining high standards of quality.

Madame Alexander dolls have long been beloved toys due to their attention to detail. Each one comes equipped with double stitching at the bottom of its dress, hang tags in each shoe and hat, brand stamps inside each ear or eye and even brand stamps that could be passed from generation to generation – creating long-lasting toys which inspire children to create, imagine and construct worlds all their own.

Who Are the Characters in madame alexander dolls?

An inventive businesswoman and exquisite doll designer founded Madame Alexander Doll Company because she thought that playing with dolls could teach kids empathy, compassion, and responsibility. A true American original, Madame Alexander imbued each character doll designed for the company with her bold spirit and classic sense of style – truly an American original!

Beatrice Alexander Behrman was inspired to create her own line of dolls after seeing brokenhearted girls come to her father’s repair shop with dolls that needed fixing, prompting her to create cloth, wood and composition dolls with more elaborate fashion and costumes than porcelain high-end ones.

Madame Alexander was a visionary with both artistry and ingenuity at her core. Her meticulous craftsmanship inspired collectors’ passion, while her charming dolls continue to bring people of all ages closer together through love and understanding. Her collection included figures from history, culture, literature, cinema and art – she even invented new ones!

10 Reasons to Love madame alexander dolls

Madame Alexander was an innovator in the doll industry, pioneering designs that reflected fashion, culture and social norms through their designs. With an unwavering work ethic and meticulous attention to detail, her dolls remain highly desirable today; these qualities enabled Madame Alexander to build an enduring legacy that continues to impact children and collectors today.

Her dream was to foster compassion, empathy, and meaningful relationships through doll play and imagination. Drawing inspiration from classic literature and various cultures, she created stunning dolls which continue to excite collectors while sparking curiosity in children of all ages.

Madame Alexander dolls offer something for every child and collector, with styles and price points to fit every taste and price range. In 2022’s collection there will be the Cissettes series inspired by Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake; black Swan Odile wearing an ebony tutu stands in contrast with blonde Odette wearing her delicate white costume.


No matter whether you are interested in purchasing or simply learning more about Madame Alexander dolls, several key points should be kept in mind when making your decision. First and foremost is character-based Madame Alexanders from movies or books such as Harry Potter can command higher prices; especially those from the 1940s and 50s can fetch premium prices.

When appraising the value of a Madame Alexander doll, authenticity and condition are two essential considerations. Antique dolls tend to be worth more if they still wear their original costume with wrist tag, box, and other packaging intact; additionally collectors may consider such factors as history of ownership, availability, and display when making their decision on how much a particular item may be worth.

Madame Alexander believed that dolls could foster empathy, compassion, and meaningful relationships among children through play and imagination. Nearly one century later, the Madame Alexander Doll Company still strives to honor Madame Alexander’s vision by producing beautiful dolls which delight children while simultaneously sparking passion among collectors – adding beauty and joy into any home! A collection of Madame Alexander dolls will surely add beauty and joy.


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