The Golden Hour Netflix : A Guide to Netflix’s Most Popular Content

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Today We are talking about Golden Hour Netflix. Netflix was notoriously secretive about viewership data for their shows and films; but in 2018, the streaming giant began garnering awards nominations, breaking HBO’s 17-year streak of Emmy wins with 129 nominations for Roma (Alfonso Cuaron’s Oscar-nominated movie).

One of the series that made the list was The Golden Hour, a Dutch thriller featuring an Afghan detective investigating an attack in Amsterdam.

Golden Hour Netflix


The Golden Hour Netflix is an action-packed thriller that has received great praise since becoming available this month on streaming platforms. The six-episode series follows Mardik, a Dutch detective of Afghan descent who receives a text message that leads him to suspect Faysal of being behind terrorist attacks in his native Netherlands.

The Golden Hour has received critical acclaim for its compelling plot and amazing acting performances, as well as for its cinematography and direction. Produced by NL Films and directed by Bobby Boermans (graduate of Dutch Film and Television Academy), who went on to direct music videos, commercials, and online campaigns for major brands.

The Golden Hour is an engaging drama that examines identity, systemic racism and loyalty through its story of a dedicated detective who faces questions regarding his patriotism due to his Afghan heritage. The show skillfully raises these important issues without becoming didactic or preachy.

When Is the Best Time to Golden Hour Netflix?

The Golden Hour Netflix is an engaging drama that delves deep into issues of identity, systemic racism and patriotism. Premiering in 2022 with six episodes featuring stellar performances by Nasrdin Dchar, Ellen Parren, Nabil Mallat Abbas Fasaei and Yannick de Waal among others; The series explores complex social issues with grace while remaining gripping from start to finish.

Detective Mardik Sardagh, an Afghan immigrant who the Dutch police force distrusts, is the focus of the Amsterdam-based television series. After receiving word that Faysal has arrived in Amsterdam, Mardik suspects Faysal may be involved with terrorist attacks in his home country.

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10 Tips for Enjoying the Golden Hour Netflix

The Golden Hour is an engaging series that blends exceptional acting with a compelling plot, keeping viewers on the edge of their seats throughout each episode. An intense drama that explores human nature, this powerful series explores what happens when lives are on the line.

The story follows Mardik, a Dutch detective of Afghan descent. Following an attack in Amsterdam that may involve Faysal from their childhood memories, Mardik becomes suspicious that Faysal might be involved and sets out on an independent investigation on his own. Along the way he must navigate patriotism and identity issues related to his Afghan roots as part of a challenging professional and personal journey.

Bobby Boermans has an impressive background in both music and advertising; he has directed commercials and online campaigns for major brands. Since its premiere in November 2022, The Golden Hour has garnered widespread acclaim due to its excellent acting, camerawork, cinematography, and acting performances – it is sure to please audiences around the world and we highly suggest giving it a chance! If you haven’t watched yet – give it a shot now!

Where Can You Watch Golden Hour Netflix?

The Golden Hour (Het Gouden Uur), a Dutch series featuring an international cast and captivating plot, can now be watched on Netflix. Nasrdin Dchar plays detective Mardik, an Afghani-descended detective investigating a terrorist attack in Amsterdam while suspecting Faysal’s involvement. This fascinating series blends superb acting with suspenseful storytelling to produce something truly captivating – believability makes this show all the more absorbing!

The Golden Hour is an exciting drama that explores the far-reaching impacts of terrorism on society, while also touching upon issues related to identity and systemic racism.

Linus Sandgren won an Academy Award for his cinematographic work on The Golden Hour. Filming its iconic four-minute dance sequence during “magic hour,” when sunlight bathes city streets with dream-like light, only four takes were required to shoot this iconic scene that has become one of modern cinema’s most beloved scenes. A must-see film for fans of thrillers and dramas alike!


If you’re searching for an exciting, action-packed drama, The Golden Hour may be exactly what you need. This Dutch series has earned rave reviews for its outstanding acting and suspenseful storytelling since premiering on JustWatch back in November 2022 and has since been seen millions of times by users worldwide – ranking 4963 on our daily streaming chart, ahead of Manifesto of a Serial Killer but behind Erin & Aaron in terms of daily streaming usage.

The series follows Mardik, an Afghan police detective. When he receives an anonymous text message revealing that Faysal, one of his childhood friends from Afghanistan is currently in the Netherlands, Mardik becomes suspicious and begins investigating independently – leading him down an often uncomfortable path, including when he kidnaps and interrogates suspects himself.

The Golden Hour is an astounding display of storytelling, featuring stunning acting and an intriguing plot that keeps audiences on edge. While not universally loved by users, The Golden Hour remains worth watching if you love crime thrillers; its commitment to believability makes the series all the more gripping while its performances truly unforgettable.

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